Nonlinear mixed convective nanofluid flow along moving vertical rough plate

Patil, P M; Kulkarni, Madhavara

Facultad de Ciencias, UNAM, publicado en Revista Mexicana de Física, y cosechado de Revistas UNAM

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Patil, P M, et al. (2020). Nonlinear mixed convective nanofluid flow along moving vertical rough plate. Revista Mexicana de Física; Vol 66, No 2 Mar-Apr: 153-161. Recuperado de

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Patil, P M; Kulkarni, Madhavara
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UGC-SAP-DRS-III with No. F. 510/3/DRS-III/2016 dated 29-02-2016. Karnatak University, Department of Mathematics
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Físico Matemáticas y Ciencias de la Tierra
Nonlinear mixed convective nanofluid flow along moving vertical rough plate
The objective of the current research paper is to investigate the effects of surface roughness on magnetohydrodynamic nonlinear mixed convection nanofluid flow over vertically moving plate. The highly coupled dimensional nonlinear partial differential equations (NPDE) are converted into dimensionless NPDE along with the boundary conditions with the help of non-similar transformations. The resulting set of dimensionless nonlinear PDE’s are solved by using Quasilinearization technique and implicit finite difference method. Impacts of various dimensionless parameters, namely, Brownian diffusion (Nb), nonlinear mixed convection ( ), nanoparticle buoyancy ratio (Nr), Lewis number (Le), thermophoresis (Nt), frequency (n), magnetic (M) and small parameter ( ) are studied in detail on profiles as well as gradients. The results reveal that increasing values of  increase the velocity profile, while increasing values of Nr decrease the same. Further, increasing values of and n exhibit sinusoidal variations on skin-friction coefficient, heat and nanoparticle mass transfer rates. Moreover, the presence of nonlinear mixed convection parameter has significant effects on fluid flow compared to its absence. In addition to this, rate of heat transfer is analyzed in presence and absence of nanoparticles.
Magnetohydrodynamic flow; Moving plate; Nanofluid; Nonlinear mixed convection; Quasilinearization technique; Surface roughness.
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